It's Show and Tell Time for Building Product Manufacturers (May9, 2013)

show tell

“Architects have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals.” That provocative statement was made by a physician, Dr. Claudia Miller, an assistant dean at the University of Texas School of Medicine, on a panel I moderated on healthy building materials during our second annual firm-wide Green Week.

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Empathy for the Aged (May 7, 2013)


Ten thousand baby boomers have turned 65 each day since Jan. 1, 2011; by 2030, when the entire generation will have passed that milestone, 18 percent of the U.S. population will be 65 or older, according to the Pew Research Center. Last year, that percentage was 12.8.

As the nation ages, design professionals are working to ensure that health care interiors meet the needs of older people.

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Eco Evolution – Greening the Construction Industry for Human and Ecological Health ( May 7, 2013)


The built environment is one of the most important dimensions of the sustainability movement. While green architectural designs promise low carbon footprint projects, and green building practices lesson the construction industry’s negative ecological impact, the sourcing and production of construction materials is a key to not only a healthy environment but also to human health.

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C2C Certification: Recognition for companies that want to be good rather than less bad (May 1, 2013)


In 2002, the German chemist Michael Braungart, together with American architect William McDonough, published a book explaining a ‘circle of life’ approach to product development where quality products are developed in such a way that their materials can be endlessly re-used.

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The Upcycle (April,2013)


This week co-founders of the Institute, William McDonough and Michael Braungart, released their first book since the popular Cradle to Cradle hit the shelves in 2002. Cradle to Cradle, monumental in current sustainable design and manufacturing thinking, was so powerfully received that it launched the non-profit Institute as well as the continuing dialogue about 'cradle to cradle' innovation philosophy.

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Hospital Curtains Could Harbor MRSA, Study Finds (May 22,2013)

hospital curtains

Those hospital curtains that give privacy to patients could also be harboring drug-resistant bacteria, including the infamous methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bug, a new study suggests

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North Shore-LIJ Health System Celebrates ribbon cutting for new $50 million Katz Women's Hospital in Manhasset


North Shore-LIJ Health System recently cut the ribbon for its new $50 million Katz Women's Hospital. The facility offers a new model for women's health care...

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